Masonboro night golf competition has been made possible due to Flashlights!

Nowadays, night Golf is gaining tremendous popularity. Earlier, it was not possible to play Night Golf due to light factor. But with the advent of new lighting technology, it is now possible to enjoy Golf in Moonlight as well as in artificial light.

Flashlights provide enough scope and Lumina to make this happen. Night Golf has got its own time. The night is peaceful, calm and serene, which adds perfect flavour to Night Golf which in itself is an event that requires concentration and calmness. Therefore, combining Golf with night make the Perfect Combination and hence, the concept of Night Golf has become tremendously popular in quick span of time.

Flashlight plays an important role in this process. Night Golf can not be made possible without the able support of artificial light and this light is supplied through flashlight. High range of halogen and LED Flashlight are used to lighten up the Golf Course and make it appear as good as a day at the time of night.

As a golf course is extended to big boundaries, a huge area needs to be lightened to make night golf possible. It is necessary to make proper arrangements of lights throughout the Golf Course is made. Heavy duty Flashlight serves this purpose well.

Apart from lighting the Golf Course, flashlights are also used to trace the Lost Golf balls, which is one of the routine activities that is involved while playing Golf at night. Due to this effectiveness of flashlight, Masonboro night Golf tournament and many other similar kind of night Golf tournament have been made possible to be organized successfully. This trend is continuously increasing and if the response of the audience is any indicator, then we can rest be assured that the future of night golf tournaments looks as bright as flashlights!