A Look into Night Golf Tournament

Night Golf has become quite popular quickly. Though the concept of night Golf is new, yet it has already drawn a huge reception in quick span of time and there are already hundreds and thousands of Golf lover, who are more interested in playing Golf at night than at day time!

This is due to several reason. First of all, any new concept has got a certain curiosity value attached with it and as the concept if Night Golf is just a few years old, it has excited golf lovers. Another important reason for its popularity is that the set up of the sport at night sounds interesting to Golf players as well as Golf fans and observes alike. Golf course set up is much like that of a big garden and the night simply adds more flavor to the whole ambiance and it becomes more of a recreational activity for the people watching golf.

This organizers has also taken note of this trend and they have shown great interest in organizing Night Golf tournaments. Needless to say that these tournaments have been a big hit as well. When this trend started, organizers were skeptical about the participation of professionals in them, but thankfully, it has been grabbed with both hands by pro players as well as audience.

These tournaments are similar to that of regular day tournaments and their prize money is equally competitive as well. Masonboro driving range is one of the leading organizers of night golf tournaments. Recently concluded Night golf tournaments provided lucrative prize money to the top three finishers and also provided attractive consolation prize for others participants.

Flashlights have made night golf tournaments a reality. Now organizers rely on them in full and they are looking forward to organize more night golf tournaments in near future. The prospect of night golf looks promising indeed!